Zoe was the sweetest sage I have ever known, and she saved my life. We met in 2012 through a dear friend who knew I wanted a dog in my life. It was love at first site; Zoe leapt into my arms and I felt the energy of a thousand suns and moons looking at me, embracing me, and unconditionally loving me. She was tough and soft, smart and playful, reserved and energetic, wise and innocent, determined and patient – and many more things that she would inevitably inspire me to be.

I was several years into my personal healing journey, with a long way to go. I sought a furry friend and family member, but gained a sage, teacher, confidant, protector, mentor, healer, and guardian angel. I truly believe that she cracked the code of my heart, opening doors to my soul so that I could traverse deeper within and follow my true path.

Together we endured, overcame, and grew through the chapters of my life: my mother’s diagnosis with cancer, relationship challenges, the death of my grandfather, growing pains, two degrees in higher education, family issues, an array of painful experiences, my own diagnosis of cancer, more growing pains, career challenges, existential crises, and everything in between. Zoe epitomized loving stoicism that allowed room for compassion, which she demonstrated through her grounding calm, giving me much needed balance in my life. She intuitively knew what I needed at any given time in any situation. Whether I was struggling with fear, anger, pain, confusion, stress, or anxiety – she was there to soothe and steady me. She was and is my sweetest sage, a gentle inspiration to what I work to exemplify in this life. Zoe inspired me to be the best human being I can possibly be. I honor her by living my truth and serving others.

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