Who are these services ideal for?

Beginning work with Christina at Luminous Healing, LLC may look like:

Questions to Ask Yourself:

What Statements Below Do You Best Identify With?

Surviving Statements Thriving Statements
I struggle with confidence and / or self-worth. I accept myself in the present and as I change.
I seek external validation for reassurance and value. I look within for personal validation and celebrate who I am.
I am full of limiting, self-defeating beliefs. I am ready to live a life aligned with my authentic Self.
I am indecisive and do not like making decisions. I am assertive and make well-informed decisions that support my best self.
I do not trust myself. I trust myself fully.
I self-sacrifice and people please. I address my needs and then the needs of others.
I will often self-sabotage. I welcome success and embrace my achievements.
I am stuck. I am ready for a change and welcome growth.
My internal dialogue is negative and harsh. I treat myself with love and respect.
I have irrational fears that keep me from moving forward in life. I live confidently and freely, knowing that I create my own path.
I feel overwhelmed and / or burnout. I am serene and rejuvenated.

Would you like to be able to wake up with joy and enthusiasm in your heart, living from a place of thriving rather than surviving? Release yourself from the self-imposed imprisonment and undertake the journey of discovering your true potential – I will help you!

I invite you to embark on this creative, spiritual, and life affirming journey with me. Book your complimentary consultation today!

Benefits of Healing

Improved communication Increased self-esteem Healthy coping skills
Optimal mental and emotional health Personal growth Individual evolution
Connection to consciousness Life skills Enhanced health and wellness
Anxiety and stress modulation Anger management Enriched relationships
And many more!

To book an appt. call or text Christina at (716) 276-0564
or send an email to luminoushealing21@gmail.com
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