Moment of Clarity

As the name may indicate, for when you have an pressing, specific issue or crisis, when you are in transition or need to make a decision, and when all this is affecting you emotionally and you are experiencing stress, anxiety, confusion, etc. This session will provide support while you learn to trust your path and embrace the opportunities available.

This package provides a single individual appointment that will allow you to pause while viewing the situation from a fresh, new perspective. You will gain clarity, achieve balance, and move forward with confidence and courage.

Relationship Rollercoaster

This package is for when you are feeling disconnected or stuck in your relationship patterns. You know the patterns are not serving your best interest, but you are unsure know how to change them. You know that communication is critical, but you feel like you are speaking different languages or each day is an unpleasant experience of déjà vu.

As a compassion based model, this will support you and your partner in identifying what each of you are contributing to the underlying divide. We will shift from the desire for the other to change and look within towards one’s habits, owning them, and healing the inner dissonance. Each person will discover the courage and safety to speak their truth and actively listen to their partner’s truth.

Both your relationship with yourself and with your partner will improve. You will feel empowered with freedom to be yourself, to exist as a whole person, but also part of a team. This package is also in alignment with conscious uncoupling; when you would like to transition into a new form of your relationship or release it with shared integrity, grace, and respect.

One Day at a Time

The approach used in this model will depend on the individuals’ main objective: to decrease substance use, harm reduction, education, abstinence, etc. This package provides support that helps develop mindfulness, acceptance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal communication skills. Together we will identify thinking patterns, behaviors, and experiences that will help improve the quality day-to-day life. These may include optimism, spirituality, hopefulness, happiness, creativity, perseverance, justice, and the practice of free will. Additionally, we will explore one’s strengths, rather than one’s weaknesses. The goal is to expand healthy skills and put them into action, giving more balance and overall wellness in life.


I can help assess whether or not your using has become problematic. Collaboratively, we will figure out a path that will help you make positive change. This package can help one work through discord of the past, heal family hurts, find your career path, work through the feeling of being stuck, gain confidence, find your inner voice, gain self-trust, expand perception, and many more matters associated with recovery.

All About Self Care

This is wellness awareness at its best. Self-care is simply good for you! This can be especially true when it comes to managing stress. Chronic stress is one of the biggest threats to overall health, linked to many physical health issues, such as inflammation, which can lead to everything from heart disease to gastrointestinal disorders and a weakened immune system. Learning about self-care and what that looks like for you personally is an important part of balancing life and living more abundantly. We will identify what areas of self-care will be most beneficial for you and focus on integrating them into your life. Self-care is about taking action to balance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health by knowing one’s limits and respecting them with boundaries. It is also about identifying the things that bring you joy and help you to decompress. Small adjustments can lead to big results in an individual’s cognition, moods, emotions, and immunity; the benefits of self-care range from improving overall well-being and decreasing morbidity and mortality to reducing individual healthcare costs (preventative practice versus reactive medicine).

Plans and Fees

Pay-What-You-Can Counseling with a minimum base cost of $25 per session!

Luminous Healing, LLC does not accept any form of insurance. All fees are incurred by the client and payment due upon services rendered.

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