A holistic path towards self – healing.

Services Offered: Consulting, Coaching, and Counseling
[for the mind, body, and Soul]


The vision behind Luminous Healing is to provide guidance for those who long for freedom from intangible restraints in life. We all have an inner light as human beings and understanding the value and truth of that statement is where we begin; we are not humans doing, but humans being and learning how to be is a vital part of connecting to who and what we are at our core. Recognize your soul’s purpose in this existence by transcending the illusion of the tangible. Let go of ego, embrace love, and exist as the light being of equanimity that you were created to be.


The services I offer provide an integrative approach towards counseling with a foundation that focuses on an intuitive relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Through this process, one is afforded the opportunity to understand and undertake a wide array of correlated life issues. Those who pursue a holistic approach towards their personal healing often attain improved self-awareness that promotes a greater sense of overall well-being.


I guide clients towards stabilization and calm so they can work through their inner worries, disturbances, and blockages. My goal is to reconnect clients with themselves, feeling comfort in their own skin. I collaboratively work with each individual to understand with curiosity and compassion, and see them in their truth. Clients who choose to work with me can expect a friendly, professional relationship that provides openness, support, positive regard, and a genuine desire to help. This is a mutual exploration of Self and a journey within.

Consultation appointments are complimentary and are recommended so that general concerns, symptoms, feelings, and goals can be identified. This will help ascertain the best approach and methodology to apply towards the individuals’ specific needs and wants while devising a beneficial plan of service.

Coaching is designed to help individuals discover limiting beliefs and break the patterns that are holding them back in life. The purpose is to help individuals progress in their lives and attain greater fulfillment in one, or several areas of life by refining goals, identifying obstacles, and organizing a plan of action.

Counseling is a collaborative effort between the Counselor and client. The Counselor holds the role of facilitator, helping the client identify goals and potential solutions to problems which are causing them turmoil or personal life problems. This is the process of taking a self-journey, which occurs through the individual holding a desire to learn more about the Self and uses such understanding to empower themselves while becoming their most favorable version of themselves.

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